What are 10 apps that changed the way our world functions?

No one can dispute the immense contributions made by technology and digitization in the modern world. In the last decade, for example, our lifestyle and other daily activities have been transformed in one way or the other. For instance, there are millions of apps that are designed with mind-blowing features and efficiencies to make our lives better. After thorough research of these apps, we have come up with 10 best apps that have played a crucial role in the digital revolution.

1. Uber

Uber is one of the greatest apps that have contributed to a transformation of our daily lives. Uber uses a google map to make maneuverability and mobility easy in the taxi business. Nowadays, you don’t have to strain while looking for a taxi- it’s on your mobile phone. All you need is just to request, and a taxi will come right to your location.

2. Google maps

Just in case you don’t know well where you are going, or you are lost and is trying to trace your way back home, google map will be your savior. It uses GPS coordinates to provide easy access throughout the world. Other than providing you with directions, google map also provides real-time traffic information as well as details about public transport.

3. 1Weather

The 1Weather has tremendously transformed how we operate in the past. It helps us predict the weather and plan appropriately. For instance, you can know whether it will rain or not. With such prior information, you can put on warm clothes or carry an umbrella for the weather.

4. Google drive

If perhaps you want some storage space for your files, google drive offers you a lasting solution. This app provides cloud-based storage where you can practically store anything. Plus, it ensures your stored files are safe for future use.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb is an app that helps plan for holidays easier and better. It provides users with lists of accommodation options from which to select. Plus, it allows people to offer extra tourist accommodation for some income.

6. Netflix

Netflix is a subscription-based app that provides lots of entertainment, such as movies, TV shows, and much more. Most movie enthusiasts find Netflix a better app than any other video-on-demand app.

7. Amazon app

Amazon is one of the giant online stores in the world. The app makes it easy for shoppers to purchase their supplies with ease and convenience. Also, the app is light and fast to use hence improving your shopping experience.

8. Twitter

Twitter is another great social network app that is designed to share information in its shortest form. Usually, Twitter limits the size of your posts, also known as tweets. This helps in the transmission of short and relevant information amongst users. Currently, Twitter is one of the greatest apps used to spread and access news from across the world.

9. Facebook

According to statistics, Facebook is the most popular social media apps. One thing that makes it popular is its ease of use and efficiency in connecting friends. Facebook enables you to post updates on your photos, videos, and comments. Also, it provides a friend suggests (list of people whom you may know).

10. YouTube

YouTube is arguably the most popular video streaming platform. It helps millions of innovators to post their content to their target audience. Plus, the app users can view videos they like at the comfort of their phones.